A few words about me

I developed a passion and interest towards jewellery from my teenage years. Having studied at the London School of Jewellery under the supervision of famous designers, I learned the art of silversmithing.

I have been refining my skills by designing and creating hundreds of unique pieces. The jewellery that is on offer is distinctive, hand-made and bespoke. Always happy to grab an idea from a customer and turn it into a special work of art which brings a sense of wonder and enhancement.

Love an inspiration from the nature and the beauty around me: animals, plants, rivers, vivacious colours etc. My jewellery is also influenced by fairy tales, myths, stories, goddesses and religion.

“Making jewellery gives me solace and great satisfaction!” I combine different techniques. Themed jewellery is my favourite – sometimes it is romantic and taken from fairy tales and on other occasions it can be a little bit rough, crude, quirky, often depending on the mood while designing but always to your specification.

My pieces are made mainly in sterling silver but I love to experiment and combine it with all kinds of materials: resin, leather, fabric, crystals, gemstones. All are hand crafted and finished to a high standard and provide a unique style. I am always looking to source new materials, techniques and means of expression.
My favourite gemstones are Ethiopian opal, rainbow moonstone, rutilated quartz and dendritic opaI. I love to combine them with precious metals either setting in bezels or making a wire hoops on beads.
I am a creative person and very much enjoy implementing my ideas and witnessing the creative process throughout from beginning to the end. So grateful for unlimited imagination and seeing the end product…

The soft wax technique I use, allows me to express my creativity and imagination, while forming intricate and inspiring elements.
In my opinion, apart from being beautiful, jewellery should be practical and easy to wear, so my designs are very comfortable.

You can purchase my work by contacting me directly through the website.