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Step into the world of Anna Kuklin, where every piece of jewelry tells a unique story.

About Me

I am Anna Kuklin

Having studied at the London School of Jewellery under the supervision of famous designers, I learned the art of silversmithing.

I have been refining my skills by designing and creating hundreds of unique pieces.
The jewellery that is on offer is distinctive, hand-made and bespoke.

Always happy to grab an idea from a customer and turn it into a special work of art which brings a sense of wonder and enhancement.


  • — Monica from London

    I am absolutely in love with Anna's "offbeat" jewelery. This is my second piece. I love her work and text on her pieces.

  • — Christine from Plymouth

    I have just bought a beautiful angel and absolutely adore it. Love wearing it. Very talented artist. Will look to order again!! Please make more pendants.

  • — Maria from Gerrards Cross

    I have asked this artist for a custom made piece and she was very patient and made it to a high spec!! Love my little bear! Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make custom designs?

Yes, we can develop your custom designs for you. Kindly get the preliminary thoughts ready in advance such as your favourite gemstones and shapes. For more information contact me on
+(44) 07388811172

How to store silver pieces so it doesn't turn black?

Store your Silver pieces away from moisture - hence store them in Plastic or Metal Containers. 

Keep them away from Cardboard and Paper as they tend to attract moisture and hence will quicken the Oxidation process.

Pro-tip: Add a piece of Chalk and a few grains of rice with your Silver jewelry - they will help absorb extra moisture from the air and keep your Silver Jewelry staying brighter for a long time.

Is all your jewellery 925 silver?

I mainly use 925 silver but occasionally use the higher grade of 999. Into some pieces I also incorporate gold or copper to give it more interesting look.

Is it possible to post your jewellery internationally?

Sure, just make a specific request and I'll quote.

What are the benefits of sterling silver jewellery?

Overall, sterling silver jewelry offers a combination of durability, affordability, and beauty, making it an ideal choice for those seeking timeless and versatile jewellery pieces.