Bespoke Orders

The cost depends on material and design.

I usually take one on a kind custom orders which are done in my style. I do not accept orders that copy another jeweler’s style or pieces.

The process begins with an initial discussion about design ideas, metal requirements and agreeable dates and costs.  Usually I will email back and forth to agree the final specifications. Custom pieces are personal and will not be made again.

What do I need to get started: your budget, the shape of your piece ( heart, water drop, organic, square), the size of your piece, imagery (trees, animals, landscape etc), metal preferences ( silver, gold, bronze, copper, mix) , texture preferences, your favourite gemstone.

If you are ordering a pendant, decide on the length of the chain.

I often share my creations on FB or other social media. Please indicate if you prefer your piece not to be shared.

Wedding Rings

There are three types of metal to choose from:

9ct White, Rose or Yellow Gold
18ct White, Rose or Yellow Gold
Gold is historically precious having been used for thousands of years as a symbol of wealth and power due to its rarity.
9ct gold is harder wearing and more economical than 18ct gold.
Rose gold is pinkish in colour (created by adding various amounts of copper and silver).

There are also four shapes:

Flat (Comfort fit) – flat outside and curved inside
Flat – flat inside and out
D-shaped – curved outside and flat inside
Round  – round inside and out

The most popular width for men is 6mm and 3mm for women
Cost : £295 (excluding metal)